Finca Villa Betulia - Huila, Colombia

Luis Anibal Calderon is a well-known coffee producer in Huila, Luis Anibal, who has been recognized by his farm Villa Betulia with many different varieties, which, include this Caturron micro-lot! Located in the heart of San Agustin, Huila, he has been working with his family to promote specialty coffee through all his neighbors and relatives, creating an outstanding effect in his coffees and his community! 


Luis Anibal is a 2nd generation coffee producer who was born in Acevedo, Huila. He started working in the family coffee farm at the age of 12, and at the age of 15, his father gave him a small portion of land to produce as his own. From here he started saving some profits and in 2015 he decided to make a big change to produce specialty coffee and invest in exotic varieties.

Caturron is a mutation of Caturra. You can’t find it outside Colombia; even within the country, it’s pretty rare and hard to grow. Luis is very curious and is focused on improving every day, so what he most likes to do is to walk around the farm and check every single tree from time to time, and if he finds something weird, interesting or just not normal he tries to take it apart and cup it, see if it’s different and then replicate that tree.  Luis has done this “research for years” and hs developed at least 4 well recognized different varieties and shared them with a few farmers around his area. The best example is Caturron, named like that because it is like a Giant Caturra, but it tastes so different and crazy.

Luis Anibal has chosen to plant Caturron as his primary coffee due to its resistance to leaf rust, high yield and quality flavour characteristics. This Caturron coffee underwent a pulping process, followed by a fermentation stage for 36 hours, and then ending with a drying phase for 18 days.

Producer: Luis Anibal Calderon
Country: Colombia
Region: Pitalito, Acevedo
Farm: Villa Betulia
Varietal: Caturron (Colombia only varietal)
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,780 MASL

Exporter: Forest Coffee
Importer: Forest Coffee
SCA Quality Score: 88.50


 Colombia coffee





Colombia coffee farm

Proportional Pricing Breakdown:

  • Producer Price (lb): $5.95
      • Farmer green coffee price NOT FOB price
      • transport, customs, export, insurance and other FOB costs are below
  • FOB to EXW costs (lb): $1.25
  • Transport Costs (lb): $.65
  • Final Landed Cost: $7.65
  • Roasting weight loss ~20%
  • Base cost per pound $9.18

Ask The Right Questions

What is Proportional Pricing?

Out of the $400 billion coffee industry, a meager 5% stays where it's grown, leaving farmers with crumbs. At Torque, we're rewriting this injustice. Our radical approach ensures equity for coffee producers, shifting power dynamics.

Here's the game-changer: Coffee producers were pre-paid a guaranteed 20% upfront based on the retail price of their coffee. Simple. Transparent. Fair. We call it Proportional Pricing©. Pay more, they earn more. This reshapes the value equation.

No more opaque systems. No more exploitation. We start with the value you see on the shelf, ensuring 20% flows back to the hands that cultivate your cup. It's called Proportional Pricing©, a seismic shift in coffee's worth chain. It's farmer equity, pure and simple.

We're breaking norms, building a fairer future. Torque Coffees reverse-engineered the chain, advocating for a balanced, equitable industry. It's time to empower those who make your coffee. Together, let's dismantle inequality in the coffee world.

torque coffee proportional farmer equity

What is Carbon Beautiful?

Since we are all on the consumption end of things we can never get to carbon neutral without stealing the carbon positive from coffee farmers. So instead of aiming for a negative, we are striving to destroy less and be as carbon beautiful as we can.

The Torque Coffee Bag



    100% Plastic Free

    100% Compostable & Biodegradable 

    100% Plant Based

    plastic free packaging


    We have partnered with Better Packing Co to be even more carbon Beautiful!

    Every order is packed loving in either:

    the brilliant ZeroPack mailer Made mostly from limestone quarry waste and a minimal amount of recycled resin as a binding agent. 

    YES THESE bags are made of freaking limestone!

    zero pack mailer

     The Zero Pack is a truly remarkable process! 

    We offset any carbon emission from this already low energy production process.

    • Production of these mailers is solar-powered and uses no water, acids or bleaches. It's also 'zero waste' because all off-cuts can be put 'back in to the pot' and recycled.



     For larger multi bag orders and for wholesale orders we use the equally brilliant

    BAMBOO Box!

    These boxes are made mostly from bamboo (and some recycled wood pulp). They are just the thing to ship precious goods in. Curbside recyclable, reusable (at least a couple of times) and compostable. 

    Unbleached, FSC certified Bamboo (2/3) and recycled wood pulp (1/3).
    • Water-based printing ink.

    bamboo shipper 


    Do you sell Wholesale?

    YES we do!!

    Our mission is to bring you super sweet coffee from some of the best coffee producers anywhere, who share in the equity of every coffee you buy.

    1. Beautiful Coffees

    We aim to show that amazing coffees, sourced with intention & focus, roasted exquisitely, & blended culinarily, can achieve immense sweetness, clarity & balance. We deliver incredible coffees that delight your senses and that your customers can drink cup after cup and still crave more.

    Whether a beautiful coffee composition or a delightful single origin, you will taste all the nuance of the producers art and the complexity of the roasters art in every coffee. Sweetness is queen.


    2. Radical Equity

    We believe that coffee producers deserve a greater equity share of coffee. So we created a model where Coffee Producers get equity in the full value of coffee. Torque pre-pays our coffee producers 20% of the retail price, & 35% of the wholesale price of our roasted coffee. It’s called Proportional Pricing and it’s radical equity.

    Proportional Pricing:

    Torque's wholesale coffee pricing follows the same radical farmer equity model as our retail pricing. Wholesale prices deliver 35% equity to all of our coffee producers in both blends and single origins. The higher the wholesale price the more the producer was paid, but the ratio remains constant at 35% so both producers and you know exactly how much equity the producers received.


    beautiful coffees wholesale

    3. Carbon Beautiful

    We are just as intentional about environmental sustainability as we are about economic sustainability. All of our paper products are recycled, FSC certified and home compostable including shipping labels, our retail coffee bags & boxes.

    Torque bulk coffees come in a unique zero waste, reusable format that eliminates packaging waste while ensuring ultimate freshness and flavor. Combined with our 100% compostable retail coffee bags you can radically improve your carbon footprint while growing sales and making happy customers.

    Reduce, Reuse, Rad:

    Torque wholesale coffees are delivered in reusable/returnable canisters to eliminate 100% of all waste. With our patented adjustable lid with one way valve it's easy to order exactly how many pounds of each coffee you need since each can holds any amount from 3-15lbs each. Order exactly how much you need of each coffee weekly. Zero waste and always fresh sweet coffee.

    beautiful coffees wholesale

    4. Fanatical Support

    We know how hard it is to run a successful coffee bar. We empower you to connect with your customers with great coffee signage & marketing materials. We empower you to grow revenue and profit with our unique training program and help you serve coffee that tastes amazing cup after cup.

    Seed to Cup:

    We have deep experience in building quality focused coffee programs and work with your entire team to help you grow and succeed.Our comprehensive training program is custom tailored to your unique needs.

    Our mission is to build long term partnerships with our coffee producers and our coffee partners. We believe that a rising sea floats all boats and that together we can make the world a better place.

    It’s wonderful, radical, proportional and equitable. It’s what coffee should be.


    Let's talk about a partnership to bring beautiful coffees, radical equity and remarkable sustainability to your coffee program. 

    We can create a custom coffee program to match your budget and goals.

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    How Do I contact You?

    We are Torque

    We aim to be Coffee’s Nemesis. Our goal is to break the coffee supply chain. Break it by torquing the value balance. Give value where value is due. Its simple: we value the producers work based on the value to us. 20% of the retail price of the coffee is due the producer. 

    We put the power in your hands. You are the torque that breaks the chains and forces equilibrium. Your choices create a new triangle chain and rebalance risk and reward. No feel good stories, no comforting words. Just proof backed by data.

      What's Your Story?

      We are Coffee People.

      We are Nanelle & Andy Newbom and we are two Coffee Lifers. In our whirlwind journey through coffee over the last 21 years we have been hands-on in nearly every aspect of the industry. We have been baristas, bar backs, cashiers, roasters, machine techs, green coffee buyers, coffee trainers, barista & roaster competitors, cuppers, judges, wet & dry mill operators, exporters, importers, and coffee brokers. From co-founding the Barista Guild of America, Barefoot Coffee Roasters and IPCoffees Mexico Importers to directing the coffee programs for multiple coffee companies we have surrounded ourselves with the magic of coffee and the magic of coffee people.


      We are People People.

      Nanelle and Andy

      We have done many things in coffee, while visiting and even living in coffee producing countries, and having a multitude of amazing life-changing experiences. The one true constant is people. Coffee people to be exact. Coffee people are simply the best people, period. If you know us you already know that we are both madly in love with coffee. But you also know that our true love, our deepest heart, is our love for all the wonderful, crazy misfits and dreamers we call coffee people. And if you don’t know us yet, but you are here now, then we will gladly call you coffee people. Let’s get to know each other through coffee. 

      A short list of the Coffee Projects we have founded, built or developed since we first started in coffee in 2001.

      1. Barista Guild of America - Co-Founder
      2. Barefoot Coffee Roasters - Founders
      3. Tablon Coffee El Salvador - Founders
      4. Brew Revolution - Founders
      5. IPCoffees Mexico Exporters/Importers - Co-Founder
      6. Coffee Spanish for Coffee People - Author
      7. Elephant Coffee Importer - Director 
      8. Swell Coffee Co. - Director of Coffee
      9. Sleeping Tiger Coffee - Director of Coffee
      10. Equal Exchange - Worker Owner





      Our Mission. 

      Coffee that's easy to love:

      We aim to show that amazing coffees sourced with intention and focus, roasted exquisitely and blended culinarily can achieve immense sweetness, clarity and balance. In short we aim to deliver incredible coffees that delight your senses and that you can drink cup after cup and still crave more. No guesses, no quizzes, no misses and no weird stuff. Sweetness is queen.

      Coffee that shares the love:

      We want to bring the coffee industry into equilibrium. Our goal is to break the coffee supply chain. Break it by torquing the value balance. Give value where value is due. Its simple: we value the producers work based on the value to us. 20% of the retail price of the coffee is due the producer. 

      We put the power in your hands. You are the torque that breaks the chains and forces equilibrium. Your choices create a new triangle chain and rebalance risk and reward. No feel good stories, no comforting words. Just proof backed by data.