We Aim To Break The Coffee Supply Chain.

Out of the $400 billion coffee industry, a meager 5% stays where it's grown, leaving farmers with crumbs. At Torque, we're rewriting this injustice. Our radical approach ensures equity for coffee producers, shifting power dynamics.

Here's the game-changer: Coffee producers were pre-paid a guaranteed 20% upfront based on the retail price of their coffee. Simple. Transparent. Fair. We call it Proportional Pricing©. Pay more, they earn more. This reshapes the value equation.

No more opaque systems. No more exploitation. We start with the value you see on the shelf, ensuring 20% flows back to the hands that cultivate your cup. It's called Proportional Pricing©, a seismic shift in coffee's worth chain. It's farmer equity, pure and simple.

We're breaking norms, building a fairer future. Torque Coffees reverse-engineered the chain, advocating for a balanced, equitable industry. It's time to empower those who make your coffee. Together, let's dismantle inequality in the coffee world.

Reverse Engineering Value

All of us in Specialty Coffee agree that coffee producers are valuable, but we haven't agreed on how to assign that value, who assigns it, or how to convey it through the supply chain.

At Torque we believe that the way forward is to reverse engineer the coffee value equation & go from value received to price paid. Proportional Pricing means simply that the value of a coffee is relative to the value it generates for the roaster. Based on that premise, Torque applied a Proportional Pricing equation in which the producers receive 20% of the retail value of every bag of roasted coffee.

Proportional Pricing© changes the value equation of the coffee supply chain. Instead of the commodity market deciding what a coffee farmer's coffee is worth, you the customer decide its value. You know the exact impact your purchase has on the coffee producer.

No complex math, no 50 page reports, no long explanations, sob stories or strings attached.

The Torque Coffees Green Coffee Guide

Torque Coffees is pioneering a unique and radically different approach to the coffee value chain. The current coffee value chain starts at the commodity market price of generic green and tries to come up with some amount of add-ons to make that base commodity price deliver value to specialty coffee producers.

Torque Coffees reverse engineered the coffee value chain (GVC) and we start from the value to the consumer for a bag of roasted coffee and assign a preset percentage of that consumer price as due the coffee producer. Its farmer equity.

We use the economic definition of equity which is “The right to share in the appreciation in value.” We believe that is the bare minimum foundation of a balanced, equitable coffee industry. And that is our ultimate goal. To break the chains of inequality and bring coffee into balance.

Download The Torque Proportional Pricing Guide V1.5

Join The Revolution

Embracing the vision of Proportional Pricing in the world of craft coffee is like unlocking our collective superpower to elevate the coffee experience for everyone involved. Picture a future where every roaster values a producer's coffee not just as a commodity, but as an integral part of a value equation. This dynamic shift brings us closer to a harmonious coffee supply chain.

The beauty lies in the flexibility of the exact percentage – a personalized touch that allows for a tailored approach. We're on a mission to connect with roasters, producers, exporters, and importers who share our passion. Through engaging conversations, we want to unveil the transformative power of Proportional Pricing, showcasing how it has revolutionized our approach to coffee buying.

This radical method may not be for everyone, but for us, and countless coffee producers, it has proven to be a game-changer. We believe in the potential for positive change within the industry, and we're eager to inspire others to join us on this journey toward a more equitable and fulfilling coffee world. Let's talk and explore the possibilities together!