Our mission is to empower you to serve super sweet coffees from some of the best coffee producers anywhere, who share in the equity of every coffee you buy.

And help you build and run a successful, profitable coffee business.

Step 1

Beautiful Coffees

We aim to show that amazing coffees, sourced with intention & focus, roasted exquisitely, & blended culinarily, can achieve immense sweetness, clarity & balance. We deliver incredible coffees that delight your senses and that your customers can drink cup after cup and still crave more.

Whether a beautiful coffee composition or a delightful single origin, you will taste all the complexity of the producers art and the nuance of the roasters art in every coffee. Sweetness is queen.

Step 2

Radical Equity

We are committed to promoting sustainability in the coffee industry by ensuring fair compensation for coffee producers. Through our innovative Proportional Pricing model, we pre-pay coffee producers 20% of the retail price and 35% of the wholesale price, providing them with equitable shares in the full value of their coffee. This approach, applied consistently in both retail and wholesale pricing, follows a radical farmer equity model, delivering equity for coffee producers and intrinsically tying our roasted coffee prices directly to their green coffee prices. This initiative fosters transparency and supports a sustainable and equitable coffee supply chain.

Step 3

Carbon Beautiful

We are passionately committed to both economic and environmental sustainability, ensuring a positive impact on the planet and your business. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our use of recycled, FSC certified, and home compostable materials for all paper products, including shipping labels, retail coffee bags, and boxes.

For Southern California partners, Torque's bulk coffees are presented in a zero-waste, reusable format that not only eliminates packaging waste but also guarantees unparalleled freshness and flavor. Embrace the Reduce, Reuse, Rad mantra with Torque's wholesale coffees, delivered in reusable/returnable canisters, eliminating 100% of waste. Our patented adjustable lid with a one-way valve makes it easy to order precisely the amount of coffee you need, promoting zero waste and consistently delivering fresh, delightful coffee. Join us in making eco-friendly choices, reducing your carbon footprint, and delighting customers while growing your business sustainably.

Step 4

Fanatical Support

We know how hard it is to run a successful coffee and food business. We have decades hands-on experience in building successful food & beverage operations. We empower you to connect with your customers with great coffee signage & marketing materials. We empower you to grow revenue and profit with our comprehensive training and equipment maintenance programs that help you serve coffee that tastes amazing cup after cup.

Seed to Cup:

We have deep experience in building quality focused coffee programs and work with your entire team to help you grow and succeed. Our full suite training program is custom tailored to your unique needs.

Our mission is to build long term partnerships with our coffee producers and our coffee partners. We believe that a rising sea floats all boats and that together we can make the world a better place.

We would love to work with you!

Coffee is People

In our 20 years in the coffee industry we have found that the most important part of coffee is the people. The people on the producing side who grow and process the amazing coffees we get to work with, the people who export and import those coffees to us, the people who roast and package the coffees and the people who prepare them in their coffee business and serve them to the wonderful customers to enjoy. 

Coffee is people. And we love coffee people. We want to hear about you and your coffee people.