How to make a perfect coffee with the Aeropress (inverted method)

How to make a perfect coffee with the Aeropress (inverted method)

Brewing with the Aerobie Aeropress is quick and easy and is easy to clean!  Its portability and durability make it ideal for travel, and its unique design and range of uses allow it produce excellent coffee with a small but mighty range of variables to manipulate.

There are countless recipes when using AeroPress ( check out the World Aeropress Championships website for a plethora). This is one of our favorites.

Aeropress Recipe:

  • Brewing Method: Inverted Aeropress
  • 14:1 water to coffee ratio - makes a very clean drinkable cup
  • 18g coffee
  • 250g hot water - 195-205F
  • Grind: Medium – Fine (a bit finer than Chemex or filter drip)
  • Filter: Aeropress Filter


    Step By Step Simple Guide to brew an amazing Aeropress coffee:

    1. Place Aeropress 'upside down' with the filter end facing up and the plunger barely inserted in the end facing down (hence the inverted method!)
    2. Grind your coffee and place 18grams in the Aeropress
    3. Pour 50g of water and let it bloom for 40s
    4. Pour remaining 200g water in a continuous pour, finish by 1:00
    5. After pouring all of the water, stir the grounds 4-6 times to blend them
    6. Put filter on top, Flip the Aeropress and place it on your cup
    7. Push the plunger at 1:30 for 30s - slow and steady wins the race!
    8. Total brew time is about 2:00 minutes.

    That's it!

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