Pull & Pour Torque Coffee Drop Review

Pull & Pour Torque Coffee Drop Review

Torque Coffee Drop (july 2022) – torque coffee

pull & pour coffee

Pull & Pour Coffee Review

Torque Coffee is a roaster based out of San Diego with an very unique pricing structure. It is called “proportional pricing” and it’s quite simple—Torque pre-pays coffee producers 20% of the retail price of our roasted coffee. It’s an aggressive take on the “farmer first” mentality and is an approach I hope more roasters begin to take.

Pull & pour Torque coffee review

This coffee is part of Torque’s Coffee Drop series. Each Coffee Drop is a unique, one-time blend of their current single-origin coffees. This blend from July 2022 was a combination of a washed Ecuadorian coffee and a washed Colombian coffee. It was beautifully balanced with a rich sweetness and heavy body.

The coffee began with a dark chocolate and nut-forward fragrance. The fragrance was a great preview of the flavor profile to come, which was rich and creamy with notes of dark chocolate, stone fruit, and almonds. The acidity was crisp and grew towards the finish. The mouthfeel was heavy with a big body and a rich, chocolate-toned sweetness. The finish featured a sparkling acidity and the weight of the coffee lingered after every sip.


This Coffee Drop was a wonderfully approachable blend of two great coffees. I love supporting companies that both have delicious coffee and are doing great things to push the coffee industry forward.


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