SCA Coffee Packaging Design Award Nomination

SCA Coffee Packaging Design Award Nomination

We are honored to have been nominated for the SCA Coffee Packaging Design Award for 2023!!

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The info:

Our goal was to reduce the total amount of packaging in a typical retail coffee shipment. We designed our packaging from the ground up for e-commerce and shipping. We wanted to reduce materials and use 100% recycled paper products to create demand for recycled materials. We used no stickers and no tape and use recycled and compostable shipping labels so that everything is easily recycled and home compostable.

We wanted what you saw on our site to be exactly what you got in your hand. Zero extra wasted packaging. Just purity of function. Fantastically sustainable, ecologically beneficial and pleasing to the eye. And we also wanted to reduce the cost of our total shipment per coffee by $.25 so that we could pay our farmers that extra $.25 a lb. And we did! We were able to buy our first African coffees immediately after launching the Torque Coffee Box and pay them each an extra $.75 a lb on top of what they were already paid for their coffee. Reduce, recycle, equity.


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