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The Roasters Tour - Coffee Club

The Roasters Tour - Coffee Club

  • Tastes like: A fresh and exciting rotating coffee tour
  • Medium Brown
  • Seed Dried (Washed), Mucilage Dried (Honey), and Fruit Dried (Natural)
  • Syrupy, Lively, Classic, and Modern
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Welcome to Roasters Coffee Tour, where every month, embark on a delightful journey through the world of coffee with our Roaster's Choice subscription.

Picture this: Each month, you'll receive a carefully curated selection of two beautiful coffees that our roast master is loving the most. From the lush mountains of Ethiopia to the vibrant streets of Colombia, our expert team partners with amazing producers who share in the equity of every coffee, ensuring each cup is a voyage of flavor discovery.

Indulge your senses as you wake up to a new brew awaiting you at your doorstep. Our rotating lineup guarantees there's something to tantalize every palate.

Joining Roasters Coffee Tour isn't just about enjoying great coffee; it's about embarking on an adventure of taste and exploration. Expand your coffee horizons, savor new flavors, and become a true coffee connoisseur with each sip.

So why wait? Join Roasters Coffee Tour today and let your taste buds travel the world, one cup at a time. You get a rotating, always fresh selection of 2x 12oz bags of our award winning coffee, 1x composition and 1x single origin.

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Farm Information

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Financial Transparency

Proportional Pricing

Out of the $400 billion coffee industry, a meager 5% stays where it's grown, leaving farmers with crumbs. At Torque, we're rewriting this injustice. Our radical approach ensures equity for coffee producers, shifting power dynamics.

Here's the game-changer: Coffee producers were pre-paid a guaranteed 20% upfront based on the retail price of their coffee. Simple. Transparent. Fair. We call it Proportional Pricing©. Pay more, they earn more. This reshapes the value equation.

No more opaque systems. No more exploitation. We start with the value you see on the shelf, ensuring 20% flows back to the hands that cultivate your cup. It's called Proportional Pricing©, a seismic shift in coffee's worth chain. It's farmer equity, pure and simple.

We're breaking norms, building a fairer future. Torque Coffees reverse-engineered the chain, advocating for a balanced, equitable industry. It's time to empower those who make your coffee. Together, let's dismantle inequality in the coffee world.

torque coffee proportional farmer equity

Sustainability Info

Since we are all on the consumption end of things we can never get to carbon neutral without stealing the carbon positive from coffee farmers. So instead of aiming for a negative, we are striving to destroy less and be as carbon beautiful as we can.

The Torque Coffee Bag



    100% Plastic Free

    100% Compostable & Biodegradable 

    100% Plant Based

    plastic free packaging


    We have partnered with Better Packing Co to be even more carbon Beautiful!

    Every order is packed loving in either:

    the brilliant ZeroPack mailer Made mostly from limestone quarry waste and a minimal amount of recycled resin as a binding agent. 

    YES THESE bags are made of freaking limestone!

    zero pack mailer

     The Zero Pack is a truly remarkable process! 

    We offset any carbon emission from this already low energy production process.

    • Production of these mailers is solar-powered and uses no water, acids or bleaches. It's also 'zero waste' because all off-cuts can be put 'back in to the pot' and recycled.



     For larger multi bag orders and for wholesale orders we use the equally brilliant

    BAMBOO Box!

    These boxes are made mostly from bamboo (and some recycled wood pulp). They are just the thing to ship precious goods in. Curbside recyclable, reusable (at least a couple of times) and compostable. 

    Unbleached, FSC certified Bamboo (2/3) and recycled wood pulp (1/3).
    • Water-based printing ink.

    bamboo shipper