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In the breathtaking highlands of Daye Bensa, Ethiopia, Abayneh Yunna is a coffee wizard, injecting the region with vibrant energy and a love for the brew. As the Project Site Manager, Abayneh meticulously oversees the Bensa site, treating each coffee bean like a precious gem. His passion doesn't stop there – he's also the director of ShantaGenet Elementary school, sponsored by Ardent Coffee, spreading growth and prosperity. This is our first year working with Abayneh.
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In the lush highlands of Daye Bensa, nestled within the vibrant landscapes of Sidama, Ethiopia, Abayneh Yunna, is bringing energy and a passion for coffee and coffee people to bear on his entire region.  Abayneh's story, interwoven. with the rich tapestry of the Betibiroti project, paints a picture of exotic landscapes, passionate communities, and the aroma of coffee that lingers in the air like a fragrant promise.

Betibiroti Sidama Ethiopia washed coffee

As the Project Site Manager, Abayneh oversees the Bensa site with a meticulous eye for detail and care, ensuring that each coffee bean is treated with the utmost precision. His hardworking nature and dedication to excellence are the driving forces behind the success of the co-production partnership with Ashenafi and the entire Ardent team.

But Abayneh is not just a man of coffee; he is also the director of ShantaGenet Elementary school, a beacon of education sponsored by Ardent Coffee. A father of one with another on the way, Abayneh embodies the spirit of growth and prosperity that permeates all his projects.

Betibiroti Sidama Ethiopia washed coffee

The Betibiroti project, facilitated by the collaborative efforts of Abayneh and his team at Ardent, embraces diversity and unity. The team's commitment to continuous learning and excellence is evident in the unique processing methods employed – Wet, Dry, Anaerobic, and Carbonic. The ShantaGolba Wet/Dry Station, under Abayneh's leadership, became a hub of creativity and innovation.

As the harvest season sweeps through the region from November 15 to January 15, the Betibiroti project comes alive. Over 1200 regular farmers and a total of 1850 individuals are woven into the fabric of this coffee-growing community. The shade giving Birebera, Besana, Girawa, and Shola trees provide not only a canopy for the coffee plants but also a picturesque backdrop to the labor of love unfolding beneath.

Betibiroti Sidama Ethiopia washed coffee

In the heart of Allo, Dembi, and Wonsho, where the air is filled with the fragrance of coffee blossoms, the Ardent team conducts training sessions. Professionals from various fields come together, sharing skills, exchanging knowledge, and crafting a narrative of unity. This team of diverse talents is the driving force behind Betibiroti's success.

The elevation ranges from 1950 to 2500 meters above sea level, creating an ideal environment for the cultivation of exceptional coffee. In the nearby town of Daye Bensa, the Betibiroti project has become more than just a venture; it is a celebration of culture, community, and the passion for quality coffee.

Betibiroti Sidama Ethiopia washed coffee

As the sun sets over the hills of Sidama, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, Abayneh Yunna and his team at Ardent Coffee continue to write the story of Betibiroti. It's a story that transcends borders, connecting coffee lovers worldwide with the exotic flavors of Sidama, Ethiopia – a story woven with the threads of dedication, unity, and the aromatic promise of a perfect cup of coffee.

Betibiroti Sidama Ethiopia washed coffee


Country: Ethiopia
Region: Daye Bensa, Sidama
Farm: Betibiroti
Certs: Certified Organic
ShantaGolba Wet/Dry Station
Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1950-2500 MASL
Exporter: Ardent Coffee

 Unravel Merchants
SCA Quality Score: 87.5